Monday, December 15, 2008

Superman Flying In Iraq & Batman Is There Too!

There are Superheroes piloting the Louisiana-based 1-244 Assault Helicopter Battalion in Iraq (Blackhawk models)...A-Company is named after Superman, B-Company is Batman and D-Company is known as Ironman. Specialist Cordell Mallory, 24, is a gunner in the "Superman". The battalion A-Company’s headquarters has the famous Superman shield displayed on the walls at the Balad military base, along with a picture of Clark Kent getting into action via donning the Superman costume. Next to Superman is a painting of Batman, representing B-Company of the helicopter battalion. Reservist pilot Major Randel Gillette, 43, another crew member, has been anointed an honorary "Superman".


The 'Superman' Crew, left to right, Major Randel Gillette, 43, Specialist Mallory,
Chief Warrant Officer Gary Richardson, 34, and Warrant Officer One Gee.


Warrant Officer One Kelly Gee, 25, poses with the real Superman;

(Source: from a TheTimes Online article by Deborah Haynes and James Hider,