Saturday, January 3, 2009

Superman Meets Obama In Metropolis, Illinois

President-Elect Barack Obama finally meets Superman...and has his picture taken with him in the town square of Metropolis, Illinois...the hometown of Supes' alter ego Clark Kent. Apparently he was seen getting some advice from the "Man Of Steel" on how to go about standing for "Truth, Justice and The American Way". "The Last Son Of Krypton" has been offering advice and giving aid to several Presidents of the United States beginning with FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt). Supes even had President Kennedy fill in for him as Clark Kent as recorded in Action Comics#309 (Feb.1964)

In fact,
no American president has appeared with the Superman Family as often as John F. Kennedy. The Supergirl story, from Action #285, also features Jacqueline Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. Kennedy made a few cameos during his presidency, including the one at the top of this page. For laughs, try to imagine this dialogue taking place between Superman and any subsequent U.S. president. Finally, with the approval of the White House, JFK was to appear in a major role in Superman. DC shelved the story after the assassination; at Johnson's request, they ran it as a tribute, in #170, and donated the artwork to the Kennedy Museum.Finally, in the early 1980s the teenaged Clark Kent, whose adventures were now placed in the early 1960s, met Kennedy.
To date, Kennedy is the only real-life president depicted as knowing Superman's secret identity #168. For more info on Kennedy and Supes check out the link to "Dial B For Blog-The World's Greatest Comic Blogazine"

and more info is available on Superman in general via "Supermanica". Other notable comic book appearances by U.S. Presidents are discussed in a NEWSarama article which is linked here.


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President-Elect Barack Obama finally meets Superman...